I'm in amidst of a hardship. The point that somewhat, each and every fucking year comes over and over again. It just never stop, does it?

Recent fucked up moments past three days:

1. My exam's result turned out bad and I'm not sure I can still pass the Cardiovascular System or not.

2. One of my cat, Bobo, sold to someone else because my life went hectic for months and my housemates doesn't seems to enjoy cats so much.

3. The only cat left, Wardah, went missing yesterday. My last resort after Bobo for a little bit smile, went fucking missing. Perhaps stolen since she's a persian. What a chance, huh?

I don't have anyone close and anyone who cares enough to say stuff to me stuff that I wanna hear like,

 "It's okay, it's all gonna be okay."
 "I'm here for you and I will always be."
 "You just need to be tough and remember that everyone love you. Allah loves you."


 Hurm... Hasn't been praying for quite along time. Since months. Because from what I see, God never fails to fails me. One by one. And now those three mentioned in just three days.

 Well, a friend of mine sent a video just now. A good housemate of mine.

 I felt something. I felt. So now, what? Hurm...

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