Pen Pal

So, I am actually supposed to be studying right now but I am procrastinating like usual.

I started cleaning out the house and still didn't finish doing it yet because there's tons of shit to be done. I am currently taking a break from my cleaning and ended up in front of the computer browsing my emails. 

I accidentally found an email sent by someone from Pen Pal and I just have the time to write back to him now. Well, I do love receiving emails by anyone. I mean, 'anyone' that is real.

I registered a long time ago to some pen pals websites and it seems like profile is still up as this Nandra dude emailed me.

First time replying pen pal mail using Words and includes my picture as requested.

Don't know what else to ramble here, meaning I have to go back cleaning the house.

Till then.


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