I am now finding it hard to be happy in life.
As far as I go today, I really can't be bothered (or am I?) to the fact that I will have sufficient amount of happiness I used to seek.

I am at peace with myself. With what I am predestined to life. I will seek no more. My world, is the world of sorrow, loneliness and emptiness. Yes, these are the recipe to cook my life. And I'm turning black to stupid events, mistakes and problems that never seems to be holding themselves back from serving me what I 'deserve'.

And of course it's wrong for me to say that I am now all alone. I do have a few that are with me right now, but yet, based on my experience, they won't last. I am sure of that. It's either them or me. If it's them; they are humans after all, men are made to be mortal. Even though by not dying. And if it's me; either my ego, intro-extroversion, or just my skepticism which has proven to be the clairvoyant of my miserable life.

This post is so ambiguous for those who doesn't know me, and I am sorry for that.
This post is just for me to blurt out my sense of frustration towards my path of life and to bring calmness to my side. Oh, how I wish for that.

Good night to all.
Till then.

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