Mengirim Surat Semangat

Hey there.

I've been submitting a lot of poems to newspapers and magazines recently. Especially since Minggu Penulis Remaja 2017.

Well, even so, none of them were published. Maybe because I was too eager and couldn't be patient and thus it seemed to be taking forever.

So, I was walking with Najie and Mukhriz until I got bored and say, "Guys, pray for me that one of my work get published this week, okay?"

Both of them amin-ed.

And guess what?


My first published poem for this year!


It's called "Mengirim Surat Semangat" and was published by Berita Harian on 16th April 2017. Here's the poem.

Lol, the one who gave me this pic even highlighted my name XD

Funny thing is, for last year, my first poem too was published in April and also by Berita Harian. Well, thanks to the Editor, Mr Nazmi Yaakub for selecting my poems and giving me a chance. At least, now, I can call myself a writer.

Learning, still.
Till then,

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