Almost 4 am.

Trying to study but it doesn't go as well as it was supposed to be.

I am currently not in the mood for anything. The best thing at being in the pitfall of doom in your life is, nothing.

I still can't figure out why I'm having this phase. It's not great. Being left alone, clutching to all the pathetic(ness) there is about yourself. I can't simply go on. It's hard. It's heart breaking. Today? No, I'm not going to have that 'bipolar' attitude. I'm gonna be this pathetic all the way. I'm better off like this. No more wrecking other people, no more wrecking myself. I'm hurting people while hurting myself. Stop, just stop. Stop giving shits to others and keep up with all the miserable life you have to yourself, dear Faiz.

Kat mana lagi aku nak berharap? Dulu aku mintak dekat Tuhan tapi dia kasi dan ambil balik. Aku jadi lebih merana. Aku sudah terlampau penat. 

Aku sudah henti bergantung.
Dan aku jadi lebih tergantung.

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