The Shooting Star Trip

So, hi

I guess.

Somehow, I've just had a thought of reblogging. Maybe at nights before I sleep or something like that. I hope the zeal and enthusiasm isn't going to fizzle out quickly.

Let me start it with a post on my trip to Mu'tah two days ago.
It was a very unexpected trip. I mean, we've discussed about going there for awhile but it's what happened during the trip that was unforeseen .

We've had a little trouble from the very beginning of what time we're supposed to go there. But after all the drama, we've managed to go at Friday's morning and arrived there few minutes before Jum'ah prayer during which we had a little bit 'clearing out' of the miscommunications. Everyone was fighting for themselves but we ended up asking forgiveness from each other (except me, cause I've done nothing wrong ). This was followed up with Fatin saying that's why she likes our group, we are straight forward.

Hurm. She doesn't know that it's not all bliss but a curse as well. Anyway, what she said doesn't apply to me cause whoever you are, as long as I think we're good enough, I'll be damn straight forward to you (read:be careful in being close with me, hahah ).

After a rushed meeting with Brother Hisyam, we prepared to go back to Irbid which we just got to know that there's no more coaster left meaning we can't go back to Irbid that day. Everyone have their own things to do the next morning and it's disappointing. Hidayu have to send her assignment, Muhaimin have his clinical camp, Fatin have something at 10am and Syasya have to study for her exam and she's like the most sad out of all for the reason she doesn't really like to sleepover at someone else's place (so did I). Anyway, I hate it too because I'm supposed to have my rest after the tiring exam the day before and what is more relaxing than your own house where your toilet feels like it was made out of gold. Don't lie to me, you feel the same about your toilet too, huh?
On our way to Mu'tah and we can still see Syasya's smile when she had no idea what will happen. Hahah

Anyway, trying to mend it, we came up with the idea of poetry reciting at the rooftop of Brother Hisyam's. So we've had like 3 round of poetry reciting. Poetry recited by me are as follows:

1st Round : Selamat datang, malam by Ainunl Muaiyanah
2nd Round : Bulan dan Bintang (Buat Syasya di Seberang) by Me
3rd Round : Gadis Bertudung Merah by Me

Poem in 2nd round was written by me right after the 'tragedy' that cause Syasya almost burst to tears when she got to know the transportation was unavailable.

The 3rd round was a spontaneous round. So, it was a spontaneous poem about Fatin because I just love  the way it looked like when she was reading by the window of the coaster when we're on our way to Mu'tah.

The mesmerizing Gadis Bertudung Merah (actually, it's maroon but so not cool to be a poem title)
Muhaimin being Muhaimin

Thats smile. Thank God she doesn't curb to her sadness!

Perempuan Melayu Terakhir in the picture but very lazy in real life

 We ended up with a round of Monopoly Deal Card's game with Hidayu having the luck to be the winner. But it didn't stopped there. After we sent the girls, we (me, Muhaimin and Brother Hisyam) chose to sleep on the rooftop. It was spectacular. I mean, you can see trillions of stars twinkling above your head and you were so awed by it's beauty that you don't even want to close your eyes. That's what we call a perfect night!

 When Brother Hisyam went back to the house and fell asleep, there were only me and Muhaimin. And I decided to recite a poem by Fynn Jamal entitled Ke Hadapan Bintang Jatuh. It's a poem-song kind of thing which forced me to try singing the best out of my lung (which I don't really have the talent) but because I wanna Muhaimin to hear it so much, I did it. It was supposed to be frickin embarassing but at least Brother Hisyam wasn't there and Muhaimin? Pfft. I can do or say anything and still feel nowhere near embarrassed .

 The journey ended with us (actually them, I was too tired that I chose to sit a little bit far away) getting a little taujihat from Brother Hisyam before we got back to the noisy, beloved, home sweet home, Irbid.

Taujihat in the middle (literally) of the road from Brother Hisyam to his 'penyambung zuriat'

Nevertheless, I guess we learned something. That things don't really go as planned but even so, God somehow can always make it better . At least, that's what I think.

"وَمَكَرُواْ وَمَكَرَا للّهُ وَاللّهُ خَيْرُالْمَاكِرِينَ"

Till then. 

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