Running Away

Okay, shit.

I've done it, again.

Running away from responsibilities. I'm supposed to be studying but instead, I'm here in the library, in front of the computer, finding other things to do.

I've spent hours browsing the internet.
When it's the time of advertising like this, I will find that blogging might be a good idea, buying a typewriter seems hipster and writing a short story for the upcoming dateline is fucking satisfying.

Yeah. That's just me.

I have an exam on 3rd of August. And I should be studying for the papers I will resit in a month (it's a whole semester subjects) but I just don't have the drive.

Now I'm still browsing few blogs. The community of blogger is getting smaller. I mean, there's only like just 10 people in my reading list who are still active and most of them are old. Is this what blogging becoming to? Hahah.

Maybe it's just me who doesn't realize that I'm getting old as well. Heck, I can be sentenced to jail if I do anything illegal right now. I've always wanted to kill a people when I was young because I know I would be charged as minor and the best that the judge could do is just send me to the Henry Gurney. Guess I missed that opportunity. Lol. That was a psycho shit.

Anyway, blogging might be a good therapy for me. I don't know, it might just do.
I need it for these upcoming days. It's gonna be a harsh two months for me.

Please pray the best for me (to whoever is reading this, if there is)


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