Late Night

 It's very late into the morning.
 All the guys already went back to their houses.

 We had a sort of 'reunion' for Tal-ians since we still have some leftover pasta from the Eid's Open House that we held. So, I gave out the idea that we might as well use it to eat together. Thus, the 'reunion' happened .

 Naimi made the Fried Spaghetti and I did the Baked Tuna Macaroni. And we all played cards after that; both Monopoly Deal and Poker cards.

The baked tuna macaroni which weren't getting enough fan since most of them were full

The main course; Fried Spaghetti by Naimi
 What happened was, the gathering got a little bit too noisy. Okay, not a little but very. Yeah, we have those members who are a of bit mak jemah nampak hantu kak limah balik rumah lalu menjerit high pitch sampai menggegar tanah , but yet, the response that we got was so bad.

 Why I dare to say that? The guy who scolded from outside the house not only shouted, but also threw a fucking huge stone to the window. Whoa . That's quite over the top. Man, seriously, do you want to break my window?!

The group playing poker started to discuss politics instead when the stone throwing happened

 I'm so fucking angry and full of adrenaline. If he somehow comes and knock the door asking us to shut up, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna burst at him . Why? Because this is like the second time I had it for this month. The first one is during the open house. We had some photo shoots at the lawn and a very young child scolded us saying that his father wanted to sleep. Are you seriously kidding me? I should care about your father day nap?

 If this is in Malaysia, I would agree hundred percents but this is the so great Jordan. You pull out gun shots when your son get great marks in Taujihi (similar to SPM or OSCE), make a city tour when it's your daughter's wedding with the honks and hoorah being a great background music while waking up the whole town during the ceremony of the wedding!

So you see, pardon me for being not loud enough that the whole city would just be like, "We can do nothing, it's just a thing that our culture does" but instead we are just loud for someone to try breaking the window. That's just great Jordan, just great.

Well done. You have just raise the bar to another level. And to end this, fuck you .


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