It's 4 am.
I'm supposed to study (as usual, what else right?) but I ended up playing two games of Dota 2. Hahah. Typical me.

Anyway, I'm thinking of posting a post for few days already so I might as well do that now. And maybe after Subuh's prayer, I can try to finish some of the make up exam's materials.

It's been more than a month since I've got a new acquaintance of mine named Abdallah and Ahmed. I'm much more closer with Abood (that's what I call Abdallah, his nama timang-timangan ) since we are in the same German class for the summer.

I knew him way back then from our very first year. He used to be so close with Syafiq but then something happened which I don't know (of course, I'll figure out the reason somehow, hahah ) and he's also outstanding to me cause he used to wore the same shirt every single day!

A blue checkered collared long sleeve shirt. Yeah. I remember that. I always does.

And he has been very nice to me. He translates arabics for me wherever we are, be it in the class or even to my sohib (my rent house's owner), and he is observant, he knows that I don't like crowds and some few other stuff and the most important of all, he is very-very polite and good person. In fact, this afternoon, after the Germany's class, someone was teasing on me and Abood defended me despite the fact that Abood is quite coward (same goes to me, maybe just because we don't like violence so, in other word, coward, hahah *cry* ).

And yeah, we do sometimes hang out in restaurants and usually Amed (the 'timang' name for Ahmed) will join too and this is good (das ist gut! -- it's German ) cause we have a lot of stuff that we will talk about. The Indonesian's food, Thailand's culture, Abood being a self-proclaimed American while Amed, he got his own Thailand's name he want which I can't recall but it ends with a "Kon". Hahah. It's fun.

Abood. He is a cam-whore. Lol.

Yeah, by becoming Abood's friend too, I've got to get a lot of other new Arabs friends. One of them is Basel which we hanged out in his house the other day and played monopoly deal (omg, I'm so owing Calla for this -- oh yeah, Calla is someone else which if I want to tell you, it will require a whole new post for her and her husband , so maybe some other time). Basel is very nice and polite too! I mean, I've got to know a lot of Arabs which are polite and nice. Yeah, you might say there are a lot of Arabs who are nice and polite but usually they are the religious one but the friends that I got aren't (not that I have anything against the religious people). So, yeah, that's it.

Unfortunately I don't have the picture of Amed and Basel ;(
So, now it means so much more. If I do not pass my third year, not only I will lose my Wardahs and Malaysian friends (because I might isolate myself or get depress and die or something ) but also Abood as my clinical mate (which will ease so much!).

Hu'uh. The stake is bigger now.
And it's pressurizing me .
It does.

How I wish I'm not in this position.
Ah... anyway, God knows better, right? 


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