I had fun playing Monopoly Deal cards with the Wardahs in the evening. We also had some pizzas for dinner cum late celebration food for Mukhriz that we postponed due to constraining factors before.

Najie resting with his sleazy shirt and Luqman covering his bracey mouth after feasting.
Alang's eating (can't come up with any funny idea )
But somehow, after all those time spent, I still feel a little bit blue . First because Mukhriz is going back to Malaysia. He's like one of the closest Wardah (this is what I call to my 4 close friends in Irbid) to me. I tell every single thing to him and he doesn't get tired of me. Moreover, he just got back from Malaysia few weeks ago. And now he's going back for a very long time. And so does everyone else. It's just matter of time. Plus, I might fail my year and God knows what will happen after that .

Mukhriz giving few words before leaving
Second, because he seems in sorrow after a while. Which I don't know why. I asked him over and over again, why? But he still didn't answer. This hurts. I mean, it hurts seeing someone else somber especially when that 'someone else' is someone that matter cause like I said, I'm close to him. I know him, and there's something not right. But I don't want to be a pusher. I know the limits. Furthermore, it might be because of me, who knows? Maybe something that I said offended him somehow. Hurm...

In any case, this is kinda a shitty day.
Irbid's getting its worst temperature (since I got here, literally). 42 degree celcius isn't something that you take lightly. People are watering the road! .

You see, if even the roads can change, what more of a human temperament? Most of the people mood are labile to changes and that's bad. Really really bad.

I wish the sandstorm would stop.
Be nice. Be gentle.
I know life can be cruel, but, there's always a good side of everyone.
Let us see yours .

To Mukhriz, I wish you the best. May God ease in whatever you're worrying about. 
And do have a great vacay.

Tschuss .

Mukhriz waving goodbye. Bis spater!
 p/s : I know it's normal for people to get back to Malaysia during the university's break. But, just bear with me. I'm goodbye-ing everyone slowly. Time potentially won't do good to me, so... you know... Yeah. Bye.


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