My worries are getting worse.
I just finished my Psychology's exam which I studied just a night before (the usual me) and now I'm in the library, left with the mood of post-exam tapi still terfakap juga.

Why am I still fucked up?
Cause I'm supposed to be studying for the upcoming resit papers but I'm still confused with what to do. I can list all what plays in my mind right now.

1. What is my studying plan? Which I should be studying first? When will the schedule of exams in English go out? Am I allowed or not to take 3 systems to resit?

2. How can I study with classes going on? The routine will be hard to adapt. Should I still go to class? But they take attendances.

3. Should I still gives hopes? I mean, do I really want to go through this path like really, really want? What if I failed? Should I just prepare my mental for the incoming failure?

4. I'm afraid of all the suicide tendencies I'll be getting if I fail. Most of all, if I tried really hard. What should I do?

5. I don't really want to do this. When will God send miracles of me somehow being magically given hundred millions of money so that I can stop studying medicine and start do what I love most; writing and baking, maybe?

6. I'm such a loser.

7. I'm stupid. So does this post.

So, bye bye! 

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