Uncertain of Yesterday

I woke up this morning feeling dull. The nature seems to agree as the sun wasn't as bright as it used to and the wind that escaped from nets of the window is just there trying to swipe the sorrow-- I, am uncertain of its success.

Yesterday was a chaos. Full of things, not good, yes, but never empty. There was drama, anger and joy, deep thinking and re-bonding; all in one night. There was a story of a best friend who are too confused and obscure between line of avoiding himself from being hurt and hurting someone else. There was also a story of how one's love can somehow poisons himself with too much jealousy. And then, there was another story of how even the best man can do damage with what he knows and still, not realizing.

But that's all another people's stories. What about mine? I was sinking in my own thoughts of what and why. What happened with him? What's wrong? What was that all about? Why do you do this? Why is this happening? Why God, why?

I don't really like to think much of this. It's too complex to be understood-- I acknowledge that. What I decided to hold onto, was just karma doing it's job (to me) with mistakes (by others) being the front line. And who am I to judge people or be mad at someone who apologizes after doing something wrong? I make mistakes all the time. We are just human. Yes, I demanded those apologies, cause they did something wrong but only for the reason I don't want this valuable friendships to be the victims.

And the night didn't end rogue. It's something that I'm thankful for.
But karma is still bored.

Therefore I woke up this morning; dull and sorrow-- to the dreams of a betrayal from a very good friend with the girl that I once fell for.

It's just a dream.
A dream that I can't get over with.
Not of the betrayal cause it's just a dream, even if it's real, still not a betrayal,
but of what is going on with me? 

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