I'm on my study week right now. Hahah.
It's gonna be a whole month of exams.

I'm so doomed cause I didn't study much because I do not have any drive at all to study.
It's like what happened every past years. Zzz.

So I ended up doing a lot of stuff for the past days just to avoid studying like, entering a Jordan Poetry Slam and winning it (this is like around 10 days ago), baked a lot of stuff to be sold but most of them went into my fat stomach, played frickin a lot of Dota 2 as if I'm going to be a professional player and so much more like sleeping and sleeping.

Yeah, that sums up my life right now pretty much.
Anyway, since I was bored too much just now, I chose to open up my Habbo account back, just to see what's the update.

Oh my, there's so much changes already. But damn, the feels of looking at that game got me all teary and breaking down inside. There's so much memories of my teenage years in that game. Damn those feels.


Anyway, till then.


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