Just a little update on my life since I was supposed to actually update it every week but yeah, human. We are too preoccupied with nothing. Nada. Wa la ishi.

Anyway, I've just finished my second rotation (surgery) a week ago, and just had my first week in third and also last rotation this year; internal medicine. The results for my mini osce and oral exam turned out to be great. Better than what I expected with the examination itself. Well, God certainly is the one to be thanked for because I am very certain that it went somehow disastrous.

Regardless, my study is getting better and of course I wish that the momentum will stay that way. Other than that, actually there's too much to be told but I really can't find a single stuff that can be told plus Najie is actually pushing me now to finish my writing because we're gonna watch a movie, the three of us, with Mukhriz, so, err.

Till then XD

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