What A Day

Today was a little bit tiring. Even now I'm writing with a poor spirit but I guess, I can't make my blog all about my petty pieces that were published in the newspapers. Life is more than that and today is one of them.

I started the morning badly. We (Mukhriz, Najie and I) were supposed to go to Qasmiah for sahoor at 2.30am but it didn't go as planned. It's quite a complex story but in the end, I felt like Najie was at fault because when I woke up at 3.00am, he's there on his boss chair studying. Well, I think it's Najie's responsibility to like truly wakes up and gets everyone going but rather he'd chose not to. I think it's either he doesn't really want to go to Qasmiah (since he preferred Fawwal better) or he doesn't want to go at 2.30am. But the thing about Qasmiah (of which, I've been there to sahoor tons of time last year) you have be there by 2.30am, not later than that. Or else, your sahoor comfort is at stake. Anyway, that's how messed up my mood was in the very early morning.

Then, comes the exam. I didn't study at all yesterday and I have to pack the materials of today's exam in seven hours or less.  So after I had my sahoor that was given by Syahmi (my housemate), I read 18 pages of past year questions. Then, I was left with another 75 pages. Just SEVENTY-FIVE. And stupid me decided to take a 15 minutes nap that turned to 3 hours sleep. I woke up at 8.15am and read the other 75 pages of past years during my whole trip to the university, like whaaa. So... Iz.

Anyway, after the exam, I told about my frustrations towards today's sahoor incident to Mukhriz. But somehow, he was instead focusing on how I told the story and something about me lying. For me I wasn't lying because it's my way and process of telling a story line. It would be a lie if I didn't tell the whole story but he's too caught up with that because he knows about how much I don't lie and again, I wasn't lying. That hurts a bit. Because when I say I don't lie but people thinks I'm a liar, then what makes me... me?

In the evening we were helping Mukhriz to move in with Luqman and Najie. It was tiring but not that it bothers much. Mukhriz did somehow accidentally stepped on my spectacles but I didn't really care about it. First, because I'm the one who didn't put it at a safe place. Second, because I've been planning to change to a new frame after I get back to Malaysia. Seriously, I've been planning that in my mind for couples of time especially during this past month since it was somehow crooked way before that. And yet again, when I said it's okay to Mukhriz and explained that I've already wanted to change new frame anyway, so it's not a huge deal, Mukhriz didn't buy it. He said I was bluffing and only taking care of his feeling. Because he said, it's the second time he stepped on my spec and there's no way, at both time I've already wanted to change my frame before he stepped on them. I'm not sure about the previous time, but I swear to God that I seriously planned to change the frame and only He knows how sad I was when Mukhriz still didn't believe me and offered money to replace it. Offering that money is an act of courtesy and that's him, I'm okay with that. That's why I love my best friends, because they are indeed good men. But not believing what I said, when they know I don't lie and what more if I even swore in the name of God? That's heart breaking.

So, to end this day, just now we had our iftar. I came late to Mandi Jami'ah. But everything was ordered and I was hoping nothing could go wrong this time because I was hungry and tired, meaning I could just explode at anytime if any shit happened. Let me tell you about Mandi Jami'ah. This is my new favorite Arab's cuisine place. Why? One, they are cheap. Two, I love because they put the ground nuts on top of every rice meal. So, I was expecting my lovely Mandi/Zurbeyan chicken on a plate of rice with nuts on top of it with Coke after a tiring day of fasting. But you know what? Everything went wrong. First, the price for a meal in Ramadan is more expensive. Second, they switched the coke to orange juice of which I hated because I don't like drinks with pulps (and because I want my frickin coke). Third, my best friends ordered Mozbi chicken which I hate but they did ask to change it to Zurbeyan but when the waiter changed it to Zurbeyan, here comes the Fourth, the nuts were left half from the normal quantity. So much for my happy iftar meal.

And also there were a little quarrel about today's sahoor incident and Mukhriz was a little overboard I think. But yeah. That's all.

I don't really blame anyone for this. I think, it's just me being oversensitive whenever I'm hungry and tired. So, I'll be like a guy on PMS. So, it's nobody's fault.

But yeah, things happened. It gets better though. Because I used to cry whenever this kind of disarray happens but this time, I'm more calm and quiet. I wasn't raging, depressed or anything. Thank God. And Mukhriz did text just now and said sorry of which I'm so glad he did that even though like I said, I didn't think it was his fault. I was just too oversensitive today. But still, I'm glad.

In the end, I am so blessed to have these guys as my best friends. They are good men, I'm more than sure and I would bet my soul for them. So, this is not a rant or anything. it's just I want to keep note of what happened today. That's all.

That's quite long. I can't keep my eyes open anymore. So, pray for my forensic exam tomorrow and I can't wait to go back to Malaysia the day after!

Till then.

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